Our Duties and Promises

Our Duties and Promises

Belper Town Council was formed in 1974 as a subsidiary from the Belper Urban District Council. This council covers Belper and Milford. We aim to elect new memebers every 4 years, and our last election was January of 2008. We also elect a mayor each year. We run many services in the town, including:


We maintain:
-Memorial Gardens
-Various Gardens around the area
-St John’s Chapel
-Coppice Car Park
-Market Place

We provide:
-Car parks
-Bus shelters across town
-Grit bins around town
-Heritage center in St. John’s
-Various notice boards

We arrange events such as:
-Christmas tree in Market Place
-Many lights around town
-Festival lights
-The small lighting trees outside various shops
-Christ eve carol services
-Farmers markets
-Annual food fair
-Planning application servicing
-Grants for the sporting community

We meet every month in the council chamber in St. John’s. Meetings are usually held on Thursday, and all are welcome to attend.

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Why Test Boosters Are Super Good

Why Test Boosters Are Super Good

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Why E Cig Reviews Are Becoming Corrupt

Why E Cig Reviews Are Becoming Corrupt

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However, with life’s modern conveniences, even this saying finds it harder to fight off our cravings. It is not surprising since you can see more and more people leaning on the heavier side all the time. This is actually alarming. Unfortunately, only a minority steps up and boldly steers away from the rest.

How E Cigs Have Changed The World

How E Cigs Have Changed The World

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